The ever growing agricultural demand and the effects of global warming have posed a unique challenge to farmers today. This has created a need to look for more ways to increase productivity by adapting newer methods like Drip Irrigation, Canal & Reservoir lining, mulching, Green House, Geo-Textiles, Shade Nets, etc., use of these materials has yielded interesting results and have created positive impact on today’s agricultural world.

To cater to the said application, Chem-i-Plast (Pty) Ltd Masterbatches have formulated a comprehensive range of Colour, White, Black and Additive Masterbatches to address the challenge of manufacturing high quality products of our customers.

Our wide range also includes unique formulated products for very specific functional needs:

  • Light stabilizer & U.V Absorbers Masterbatch
  • Anti-Microbial Masterbatch
  • Anti-fog Masterbatch
  • Anti-block Masterbatch
  • Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch
  • Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) Masterbatch

Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches have been specially designed to provide the technical performance demanded by the agriculture industry.

This has been achieved by carefully selecting appropriate carbon blacks, additive packages and carrier systems together with use of state of the art extruder and mixing technology.



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