Science & Technology today is restlessly working to innovate new gadgets which is making our life easier than ever and hence we tend to accumulate dozens of gadgets for a wide variety of our tasks.

Colour solutions by Chem-i-Plast (Pty) Ltd offers you perfect Masterbatch preparations that cover an enormous spectrum of shades and meet stringent requirements of mechanical resistance, heat resistance and fastness to weathering.

Innovative know how & high quality colour solutions have made Chem-i-Plast (Pty) Ltd a leading supplier of Masterbatches for household & Industrial Appliances.

Our wide range also includes unique formulated products for very specific functional needs:

  • Antimicrobial Masterbatch
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatch
  • Nucleating Masterbatch
  • Clarifying Masterbatch
  • PP & PS Base Masterbatch & Compounds

Corapast offers a range of masterbatches for cable jacketing applications. These products offer excellent coloration performance, weathering characteristics and thermal stabilization, and help manufacturers process cable jacketing smoothly.



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