Filler Masterbatch



POLYWHITE is recommended to prevent fibrillation in the raffia tape, which occurs due to very high stretching during the production of tapes. However having a cost benefit, it has found its usefulness in bringing down the cost of the final product. Fine calcium particles also give whiteness to the fabric which replaces costly TiO2 base white masterbatch in White raffia tape application.

It is used in all types of HDPE & PP woven bags, Lino bags, Tarpaulins. It can be very useful in blow molding application to achieve a better constant flow of the parison (viz larger size containers) and in the area where improvement in rigidity is expected. POLYWHITE is very useful to reduce the cost of final product for HM-carry/ shopping bags, tarpaulin, injection molding products and box strapping etc.


Improves Printability

  • Heat Sealing at a Lower Temperature
  • Acts as an Anti-blocking Agent
  • Imparts Bubble Stability
  • Uniform Dispersion
  • Lesser dye built-up and long machine run time
  • Excellent Anti Fibrillation
  • Improves Denier Variation
  • Improves Whiteness
  • Maintain Uniform Back Pressure
  • Excellent Processibility
  • Softer to machine parts hence low maintenance


Transparent Fillers are recommended to be used for colour woven sack fabric, transparent liners, food wrappers and bubble stabilizers in bubble wrap films. These fillers are based on transparent talc and reduces loading of costlier Colour Masterbatch. Transparent Filler can also be used in White tape along with normal CaCO3 Filler as an additional loading (upto 4-5%) without much effect on properties of the fabric. It is very useful to bring down the cost of the final product. Transparent Filler are used widely in HM-HDPE Carry / Shopping bags as filler. It also gives glossy surface finish.





Chem-i-Plast (Pty) Ltd range of White Masterbatches are manufactured with high quality and micronized Titanium Dioxide with specific base resin and additive for best suitability in end application. Our expertise in this domain has also enabled us to offer a wide range of White Masterbatches, which render maximum whiteness index, dispersion and opacity to a product. It is reckoned for its capacity to uniquely couple various loading of TiO2 with the specific polymer.

POLYCOLOR WHITE Masterbatches are available in PP, PE, PET, PS AND EVA base resins for various applications.

White Masterbatches Applications

  • High opacity films
  • Thin films
  • LLDPE & metallocene LLDPE rich films for oil & milk flexible pouches
  • Multi-layer and mono layer films
  • TQPP, BOPP & BOPET films
  • Non critical application films with higher thickness
  • For High output machines
  • Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Roto molding applications
  • Thermoforming applications
  • HIPS sheets for disposable cups & other similar applications
  • Woven sacks & FIBC bags
  • PET Fibers – yarn & staple fiber
  • PP Non-Woven fabric



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